5 Things to Ask your Landscape Contractor

5 things to ask your Landscape Contractor.


Landscape is a varied industry. Each company offer’s different services and products. The landscaping industry does not have a strict regulatory board that keeps businesses in line with certain regulations. It is left up to you as the client to know what questions to ask. 


  1. How long has the landscape company been in business? This is important to know. A company that has been around for a while understands their obligations to a warranty. Sadly, it is common for a company to start up for a summer and complete some projects only to disappear again once the weather turns to winter. Then you are never able to get a hold of them again to fix some settlement or improper installation. You can be left with a mess and an expensive repair. 
  2. What do your contracts look like? It is important to have a signed contract with your contractor. It protects you from a contractor walking away from a job or not completing as agreed. It should include a comprehensive warranty that you fully understand and agree too. 
  3. May I see your Health and safety documentation. When a landscape company is working on your site they need to be certified with various things. WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) and Liability insurance are necessary and you have the right to request for the documentation to ensure they are valid. As well as their Health and Safety Policy as this is required for each company. If a landscape company is using a subcontractor to help them with the landscape project it is important that the landscape company ensures they are up to date with WSIB and insurance before they are allowed to complete any work. This is the law and needs to be taken seriously.
  4. What is your material selection process? When you are designed a project with your landscape company of choice they will often give you a few samples to choose from. Understanding the manufacture warranty, and the landscaper warranty on installation will be helpful on deciding on a product. For example a landscape company may not offer any warranty of Concrete but will offer a 2 year warranty on Interlocking pavers. Asking the right questions before you select a product may save you some headaches down the road.
  5. How do you layout the site? When you are meeting with a landscape company ensure you talk about permits, conservations setbacks, road access permits, temporary access permit. It also is beneficial to talk about where the landscaper will be storing materials, equipment, jobsite trailers, etc during the day and on weekends. Explaining to your contractor that you need access to your garage or certain parking space will keep things organized and eliminate frustrations throughout the process. 

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