Thinking of Joining the Whispering Pines Team?

Whispering Pines Landscaping is a high energy, fast paced and growing landscape company. Being part of a 10 billion dollar industry that is constantly growing and evolving requires amazing staff. We have been in this work force for over 24 years and we have learned that in order to have stellar staff; you need to treat them right! Having perks to the job keep our staff happy and our employee retention incredible. We are growing so fast we can’t seem to keep up with the work headed our way, we need more employees….

Why we are your destination company:

  • Coffee… lots of coffee, we have our kitchen loaded with different flavours of coffee just begging to be brewed
  • Freezies. Every colour, and always refreshing.
  • Monthly staff parties. You worked hard, you deserve to be treated to BBQ’s, ¬†delicious appetizers/dinners on the patio of Mill Creek Pub, WPL baseball games …. you name it!
  • Huge year-end bash where we wine and dine you and your significant other!
  • Imagine: a rainy morning where everyone is ready to call it a rain day and your managers say “Breakfast, my treat!” Yumm.
  • Amazing profit sharing program, with monthly financial updates so you know how well the company is really doing.
  • Company cell phones loaded with our own apps to track material and hours! Yes that is right, no loose papers all over your truck. It’s all in your brand new phone!
  • All new management systems in place, we are building this company to grow. 10 years from now you can say “I remember when we all fit at 23 Commerce”


Posted 4 months ago