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Phone: 519 943 0330

Address: 473020 County Road 11, Amaranth, ON L9W 0R2


Hello, talk to us

In the Message box below please describe your project in detail, when you would like to start the project, and your budget expectations. Check out our pricing guide for some guidelines and ideas.


Our Process

1Call, Email or Come Say Hi!

Explain your project in detail, your location, and your budget. It is important to us as we have an overwhelming amount of inquiries and need to select clients and jobs that are a good fit for our company. We will do our best to get back to you within three business days.

2Initial Onsite Consultation. 

Our consultations are on location with you to determine exactly what you require for your property. Whether that be a complete design and landscape build or a completely customized maintenance program.

3Design. Specific to Landscape Construction Projects. (Fees Required)

After our initial onsite meeting we will have gathered your wish list, your must haves and all the grades and measurements to pull together a comprehensive design. For those who struggle with visualization we offer incredible 3-D Renderings to bring your space to life.


It is time to present our designs and completely customized estimate. Depending on the project it may just be our estimate. We will review the scope of work and make any necessary changes.

5Contract Signing and Deposit Invoice.

Once both parties agree to the design and or estimate we both sign off and a deposit invoice is issued. This will secure materials and your name into our schedule. It will also get our construction team to begin all the permits and locates processes to ensure we can begin on time and play by the rules.

6Commence Work.

For our maintenance clients and snow clients this entire process can go quite quickly as no designs or permits are required. For our construction clients it often depends on how many revisions you require as well as the permit processes.