Robot Mowers: How do they work?

Understanding Robot Mowers

In order to understand how robot mowers work you need to forget what you know about lawn mowing. Traditional lawn mowing lets the grass grow long over the course of a week. Then you cut it down to a pre-determined height. Often people will have to collect the clippings or rake them into piles as there is significant growth over the course of a week.

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House Plants: Why we LOVE them…

At one point or another we have all tried to keep house plants alive. Some of us have succeeded and others weren’t so lucky.

There are so many reason’s why people like to have plants in their homes. It could be because seeing plants alive and green is a huge de-stressor. Plants also make great decorations, and can even be edible of you choose fruits or veggies. Another big reason is they purify the air we breath.

In 1989 NASA did a study on which plants purify the indoor air the best. They began by establishing which chemicals were the top 3 indoor pollutants. Then they selected common house plants and put them in a sealed chamber with the 3 chemicals to see which cleaned up the most parts per million of those toxins within a 24 hour period.

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Start Planning your Landscape Project Now!

Winter has just started but it is time to start planning your summer landscape project now! We understand it’s the last thing you are thinking about but trust me, us landscapers are in full swing.

People are often surprised at how long of a planning process a landscape design can take. I have laid out a brief overview of our process to give you a little bit of the behind the scene’s. This may help you understand why winter is a great time to think landscaping.

3-D Landscape Rendering
WPL landscape design in 3-D

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Salt Shortage 2018

A salt shortage is something we have never dealt with before.

The Summer of 2018 was a stressful one. We learned that one of the two salt mines in the area went on strike and the other experienced flooding. We were not sure if we were going to be able to get any salt. The mines promised to fill their contractual obligations to the municipalities, cities, and government cleared properties such as airports. Continue reading “Salt Shortage 2018”