5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Landscape Contractor

We all have our concerns when hiring someone to do work in and around our homes. It can be quite invasive having people working for long periods of time in your space. When we look to hire someone to complete a  landscaping project we often rely on work of mouth from our friends and neighbours. If they have had a good experience with the landscape contractor you probably will too.Whispering Pines Landscaping, grasses, natural hill, landscaping

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Living Walls: What are they good for?

When you think of living walls and living privacy fences our minds imagine hedges. These are the original and highly effective privacy screens. Hedges have been used by mankind since the beginning, living walls serve many purposes such as keeping livestock in and predators out.

Living walls and living privacy fences have so many benefits. We often forget that they might even be better than their man made competition. Our natural hedges are great for privacy, once the hedge is established, you can not see through the fence all year long.

Natural hedges are not only for privacy but they also reduce noise levels significantly.

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5 Steps to Increase Curb Appel

We know how HOT the housing market is right now in Ontario. Our team at Whispering Pines are here to help you get top dollar for your house! Curb appeal is everything for getting that asking price or more!

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Inspired Outdoor Living

Welcome to our Blog! This is a very exciting  component of our website, we love  educating and inspiring our clients/readers about outdoor living.

Our history and Experience

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