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The Benefits of Native Plants in Landscaping

The Benefits of Native Plants in Landscaping

You can create a beautiful, sustainable landscape by opting for native plants in Ontario. Our province is home to thousands of breathtaking wildflowers, ferns, grasses, trees, and shrubbery that can be combined in fantastic ways to create the yard of your dreams.  

One of the reasons people are often intrigued by native landscaping is that it allows them to achieve a more affordable and eco-friendly design. Native plants are easier to acquire because they naturally grow in your region; for anyone landscaping on a budget, native plants are by far the best option, and you certainly won’t be short on variety. 

If you are interested in incorporating native plants into your landscape design, this guide will walk you through everything you should consider. First, let’s look at why choosing native plants is a great idea.


Native plants are plants that naturally grow where you live. They can be found in abundance, which makes them more affordable. You may be able to get double of what you would normally afford on a budget just by switching to native flora and fauna. 

When you’re planning a landscape design, you have to break down your budget into different elements to avoid overspending. If you want to get the most out of every dollar, using native plants is a great alternative to exotic species.

Promotes Wildlife Conservation

Because they’re native to the region, native plants help you contribute to the greater ecosystem. For example, native plants create a habitat for pollinators. In turn, they spread seeds throughout the region, ensuring that native species don’t become extinct.

It’s a wonderful feeling to see your garden support local wildlife. You’ll notice plenty of birds, butterflies, and other critters drawn to your space thanks to its abundance of seeds, nectar, and shelter.

With native plants, even a small garden makes a big impact.


Native plants are ready to thrive. They require less water, resources, and treatments than non-native species, so they’re a great investment if you want your landscape to be truly green.

One of the biggest sustainable advantages of native plants is less pest control. Because they’re already adapted to your region, native plants have their own built-in defenses. Chemical pesticides are harmful to even beneficial insects, which naturally alters the ecosystem around us.

Native plants require far less intervention. They know how to look after themselves, leaving you with a beautiful garden for less time, money, and pollution.

Protects the Soil

Using less fertilizer and pesticides helps preserve the natural integrity of your yard’s soil. This directly impacts the earth beneath it as well. Many native plants benefit from only natural rainfall, so they need little watering on your part. They’re very much “plant-and-go”, so you can enjoy their beauty year-round without compromising the land they grow from.