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Going Green in 2019

Going green in 2019 is Whispering Pines new initiative. Dedication to this is essential to do our part in reducing our footprint. As Landscapers we take our roles very seriously and want to ensure that we take care of the earth to the best of our ability.

Battery Operated Equipment

Equipment is a big part of landscaping and we use it every day. It comes in various shapes and sizes and that means we are using a lot of fuel. Our team is being vigilant about trying to reduce idling time and updating our equipment. As a result of the fuel prices being so high last Summer it was the final push to look at other options.

Taking the time to research what is available for equipment opened our eyes to many different options. Battery operated equipment such as backpack blowers, lawn trimmers, hedgers, chain saws, mowers and so on. We are beginning to switching our heavy, loud and fuel guzzling power tools for these light, quiet and rechargeable power tools. As the end user we do not notice a difference in productivity or power loss. Our crews are also able to hand the equipment longer since they are way lighter.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

We introduced robotic lawn mowers into our fleet last summer. We selected different types of properties to demo the mowers on. Some properties were quite large with complex layouts and other’s were small and simple. Robot mowers is a completely different approach to lawn care. Having the demo properties was great to be able to practice for a season.

This Spring we are able to roll out a complete fleet of robotic lawn mowers. As clients, you will you will receive the same excellent lawn care service from Whispering Pines, but it will be completed by a robot mower. We will even let you name your resident mower.

With the GSM feature we will be able to monitor the mower from our office and the robot will actually text us if there is anything wrong. There are limitations to which properties a robot mower will be effective so there is a consultation process to ensure your property is the right fit. 

Paperless Office

We are working hard as office staff to save the tree. Our initiative is to significantly reduce the amount of paperwork our office generates through a few different facets. 

  • We have asked all our vendors to send all packing slips and invoices to us through email.
  • All our staff our outfitted with phones that have app’s for their time logs, equipment usage/checklists and material tracking. This is all submitted daily to our office personnel electronically.
  • Every client invoice and vendor invoices is sent through the office for authorization through a secure document signing process. 
  • Almost all our invoices are sent electronically as well as our estimates designs, and contracts.
  • Next is getting our designs to Virtual reality- wouldn’t that be neat?!

Fun fact for you… did you know a tree can absorb as much as 
48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year .

If there is any other way to save paper we will find it throughout the year. If everyone does a little bit it can make a big difference. ??

Post written by : Leah Brakke
Leah is our resident blogger with over 9 years experience in the landscaping industry. She loves to share her knowledge and passion on Whispering Pines’ blog. If you have any questions or topic idea’s you can email her at

Sales Assistant and Marketing Director

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