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Robot Mowers: How do they work?

Understanding Robot Mowers

In order to understand how robot mowers work you need to forget what you know about lawn mowing. Traditional lawn mowing lets the grass grow long over the course of a week. Then you cut it down to a pre-determined height. Often people will have to collect the clippings or rake them into piles as there is significant growth over the course of a week.

Robot Mower

With robot mowers the intent is to have the mower keep up of the grass as it grows. That way there is little noticeable growth in-between the time it cuts the specified area. The mower is aiming to cut the entire section as often as possible within the week. Essentially your lawn is always looking freshly cut. The minor clippings will fall back down to the soil and actually fertilize the lawn. These clippings introduce Nitrogen to the soil giving it that lush green colour every day.

Installation of Robot Mowers

Robot mowers require a bit of skill to be installed. Our technicians our trained on the most effective way to install the perimeter wire. There is two options for installing the perimeter wire.

Option one is installing directly on top of the lawn, securing it with pegs to keep it at soil level. Option two is using a wire burying device that puts it about 2″ down in the ground. There is certain distances you need to keep off of a house, or a driveway or a garden bed to ensure the mower works correctly. As you set up your mower you can divide the different sections around your property into “zones”. Then enter the square footage of each zone as prompted on the screen. The robot mower uses the square footage measurement to see what percentage of the lawn it has cut so far. As the mower finishes completing the main zone it will either start over or move onto the next zone. All of this is customizable within the mower’s settings.

Managing your Mower

Each brand of robot lawn mower has some sort of management tool. With Husqvarna, it is an app on your phone or desktop. You can get real time information on what your mower is doing and a map indicating where the mower has been on your lawn. The mower will text you if it runs into problems. It can also sync up with your Google home or Amazon Alexa so you can ask it to mow, get updates on its progress, or tell it to go back to its charging station.

What to Expect

The 2019 mowers are phenomenal products. They have all the necessary technology to give you the peace of mind you need. It will do a great job maintaining the lawn, it will give you the updates and notifications you need. You will have the coolest lawn mower on the block and the mosts environmentally friendly device.

Post written by : Leah Brakke
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