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Landscape Design and Construction by Whispering Pines Landscaping

Landscape design and construction is truly our heart and soul at Whispering Pines. Our design program includes on-site consultations, conceptual drawings and plant/material specifications. We let our creative side flow freely with our knowledge and experience to transform your ideas into a reality. Since we invest in both qualified people and quality equipment, we are able to execute the most challenging of projects to the highest standards. We are so excited to work with you in the near future and make your dreams a reality.


‘We are a team of artists crafting inspirational and timeless outdoor spaces.’

Greg Wildeboer, Owner and CEO

Our Process

1 Reach out to us. Call, email, or drop by our office.
Let’s talk about your project, your budget and your timeline. This is a crucial part of the process as we need to establish if we are the right fit for your project.

2 Initial Onsite- Consultation. (Fees required).
Our initial meeting is onsite to give us the full picture of what you would like to accomplish. This is an extensive meeting where we gather your wish list, your must have list and your over all style. While onsite we will take as many grades and measurements as we can for our designers. If you are already working with a landscape architect this meeting helps us build our customized estimates.

3 Design. (Fees required).
After our onsite consultation we have a lot of information to review. Once we have talked with our designer and relayed all of our ideas we begin the very exciting design process. Our designers will take all of your must haves and many of your wish list items and pull it all together in a very clear and beautiful design. We offer 2-D and 3-D designs to showcase your space. Once we receive the first revision of your design we pull together a customized estimate.

4 Presentation.
Now that we have received the design back from the design team and created an estimate based off of the design, it is time to review with you. This can be done on location or at our office. We work through the design with you and how that translates into our estimate. At this first meeting with the design there are often changes to be made. Sometimes your wish list isn’t big enough or is just too big. At this meeting we review all aspects of the design and make all the necessary changes.

5 Revision.
After the presentation meeting we usually have some work to do. We send the design back to our design team to make the changes and our sales team updates the estimate with the changes. We hope that there is no revisions but often we need to make one. If we need to go back and forth a few times to review and perfect the design and estimate it can take time and end up costing you money.

6 Contract and Deposit.
This is a very exciting stage! You are thrilled with the design and agree to the estimate. We can begin to work on your project once we receive a 20% deposit on the contract and your signature.

7 Commence Work- Behind the scenes.
There is a lot of behind the scenes work that we need to do before we can even arrive on site. Our sales team needs to request for locates of utilities on site, ensure the right permits and set backs are clearly addressed and laid out. If there is any question about the conservation set backs we will have addressed this in the design stage.

8 Commence Work- Onsite.
Once all the permits and locates are in we will begin on the agreed upon scheduled date. Should weather or delays happen this will be communicated prior to the start date. Our highly skilled Landscape Construction crews will begin on site. Often it begins with a walk around to understand the project with the Sales team. Then we break ground, haul away excess material, bring in new, top quality products and begin our project. As we progress there may be some changes that occur, it is then that our sales team meet onsite and ensure that every change is clearly laid out and agreed upon.

9 Final Site Review
Once we are almost at the end of our project we meet onsite with you again to ensure everything is exactly as agreed upon. At this stage we will be wrapping up, making any final adjustments and cleaning. If everything is to your satisfaction we may ask for the opportunity to get our photographer out to do a photo shoot for our portfolio. This is also a great time to talk to us about our amazing maintenance programs. It is always a pleasure maintaining our construction projects and watching them mature and grow.

Our Construction Sales Team

Get to know us. We are a great team who value Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Leadership. Feel free to give us a call with any questions throughout the process or stop in for a coffee. We look forward to working with you!

The next step: Introduce you to our fantastic maintenance team. We are a full service company who maintain our construction projects once complete. Talk to your construction sales team about what we can do for you!

Office Hours: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM (Mon- Fri)
Phone: +1 (519) 943-0330
Address: 23 Commerce Rd., Orangeville, ON, L9W 3X5

In the Message box please describe your project in detail, when you would like to start the project, and your budget expectations.

Please note that our Landscape Construction projects have an Initial On-site Consultation fee of $150.00 plus tax.

Thank you.

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