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Landscaping Trends: Should some stay in the past?

Every industry has many trends. Often we are completely enthralled with them at the time but when we  look back a few years later we are slightly embarrassed . Here are some landscaping trends we hope never come back!

Red Mulch

The era of red mulch has come to an end. Gone are the days of installing the red dyed bark chips. I don’t understand who decided that an unnatural colour would be a good idea in such a natural space. Especially over top of dirt which is supposed to be brown. We do not approve of this trend in our industry and will never welcome it back.

Gnomes/Lawn Ornaments

There is a history behind these guys and gals but I don’t think we have any hidden treasure they need to protect in our gardens. One may be a nice touch for a whimsical garden but surrounding the house and yard with Gnomes and lawn ornaments can be quite the eye sore. It also makes it hard to cut the lawn nicely with all these objects in the way.

Plastic Edging

The premise behind the plastic edging is understandable. Everyone wants to stop the spread of the lawn into their gardens. Anyone who has spent time weeding knows how difficult it is to clean up an encroaching lawn. We use a very natural approach and cut an edge surrounding the garden bed on an angle with a spade. This helps to cut off the root system and create definition. You can also install an interlock border or make your gardens raised planters. There are many ways to make it aesthetically pleasing without plastic.

One of Everything

This is very common in a lot of DIY gardens. People will walk around the garden center’s and pick up one of every plant they like. Once installed in the garden it will become a zoo. Your eyes have no where to look and it actually over stimulates your brain and makes it an eye sore. Using a specimen is common in professional landscaping. Something like a beautiful Japanese Maple or a very unique plant that you absolutely love.. but the entire garden should be groupings of 3, 5, 7, or 10+ . Check out my blog post about tips and tricks for you DIY Gardener’s.

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Old Tires

Recycling is always a great idea. Finding new uses for old products is commendable and definitely encouraged. The old style tractor tire planters is something we think you should avoid. Since the tires are black they retain heat and most plants roots systems cannot handle that. Over time the tires also start to degrade which releases toxins such as zinc, carcinogenic PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and other toxic compounds into your garden soil.

Shrubs Everywhere

Have you ever seen an old property with shrubs dotting the lawn. Typically it’s lilacs everywhere and it is very difficult to maintain a manicured lawn. Creating designated berms to provide privacy is much more aesthetically pleasing but also better for the root systems of the plants. Lawn over top of shrubs roots systems can take away necessary water for their survival. Creating a berm means a soil base for the shrubs and a mulch layer to retain moisture and organic matter for the root systems.

Post written by : Leah Brakke
Leah is our resident blogger with over 8 years experience in the landscaping industry. She loves to share her knowledge and passion on Whispering Pines’ blog. If you have any questions or topic idea’s you can email her at

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