Our Work

Rural Oasis in Mono

Trends in landscaping and architecture are often related to different cultural and economic influences. Events like recessions and constant virtual overload heavily impact design. We strive to create an oasis; a place where you can escape and unwind from your busy lives. Clients ask to have privacy from the outside world with design features of clean lines and cool neutral colour pallets. This architectural masterpiece has a soothing view and glimpse of nature from every window.  On a beautiful summer day, take a walk down the meandering paths, listening to the water bubbling beside you. Find hidden gardens and gaze at the expansive lawn dotted with trees. Take a moment to watch the frogs jump from lily pad to lily pad and create gentle ripples in the timeless pond. Every element of this design is a breath of fresh air.  It truly lets you forget about reality, even if it is just for a moment.

Palgrave Home

‘The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what is happening up there.’  K. D. Lang.

Creating a space where you can sit and enjoy the morning and night sky is an essential part of a design. With the sky’s always changing dramatic features, it makes it so easy to forget the day’s worries. We took advantage of this home’s perfect slope in the back yard and built a unique pond into the hill. Surrounding the pond’s peaceful trickling sounds is the swish of grasses and the whisper of a breeze. As the summer moves into fall you can stroll into your back yard to make a bouquet from the beautiful hydrangeas, while enjoying your time of peace and tranquility. Timeless dry stone walls frame in this property. They invite you in with a warm welcome, even on the coldest of nights. No matter the time of year, this property takes your breath away. Time slows down and you get lost in the beauty that surrounds you.

Headwaters House

Lux·u·ry by definition is the state of great comfort and extravagant living. This home in Headwaters is just that. The moment you pull up to the curb, the unique driveway speaks volumes. The compass in the driveway holds meaning for a traveler, being a symbol for guidance, the ability to point you in the right direction. With stunning colour all season long, perfectly striped grass and manicured garden edges, it is hard not to stare. A unique dry stone wall full of mocha tones brings warmth and structure to the front entrance.

Award Winning Five Star Resort

Creating an inviting space is always something we strive for. This project in Inglewood allowed us to fashion a spectacular outdoor living space that met all of our clients needs. This outdoor kitchen flows to a raised eating area which over looks the stunning sunsets over Caledon Mountain.  A lower tier contains a relaxing fire pit and then beautiful stone steps welcome you to the luxurious pool and lounging area.

Radiant Stone Home

Imagine relaxing in this stunning backyard, seeing the trees rustling in the wind, and listening to the soft sound of a waterfall flowing into a pond. A sweet garden path walks you around the side of the house where you are greeted by an old mill stone and timeless dry stone walls. Enjoy your own private getaway all year long.

Upscale Living

Every modern element, clean line and contemporary accent from this beautiful home was perfectly mimicked in the landscape design by Uncommon Ground Design Group. We had the privilege of working with Uncommon Ground to complete this landscape project and the results are stunning.

Urban Landscaping

Whispering Pines Landscaping has been working closely with the townships in our surrounding region to develop and maintain beautiful downtown garden displays, stunning nature trails, and effective stormwater management ponds.

Contemporary Elegance

This contemporary home is nestled amongst the fields of Mulmur. Basking in the glowing sunrises and sunsets while adding a shimmer to the view with its glassy windows. Its elegant and simple gardens match the minimalist approach tying into the acres of crop and forest in all directions.

Nature Redefined

This stunning home blends seamlessly with the beautiful nature around it. We incorporated a meandering stone pathway which leads you down the idyllic pond below. The use of vibrant plants and natural rock create a stunning transition to the surrounding forests.