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Meet Your New Lawn Crew

ModelsXR2 1000XR3 3000XR3 4000XR3 5000
Max Lawn Size 1/4 acre1/2 acre3/4 acre1 acre
Max Mowing Width28 cm56 cm56 cm56 cm
Max Slope36%36%36%36%
Installation includedYesYesYesYes
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Cub Cadet XR3 Facts

  • Mowers can cut on a slope up to 36% or 20 degrees
  • Contain: Bump sensors, lift sensors, tilt sensors, PIN code, Alarm, rain sensors, LED- Display, Charging station, Bluetooth, Remote control, Smartphone APP, Edge Cutting, Smart Mow, Turbo mow, Wheels.
  • Cutting width 56 cm and a cutting height of 20-80 mm
  • Multiple mowing zones, 4 sub zones
  • 2 sturdy blades
  • Running time is 55-70 minutes
  • Charge time is 50-70 min (XR3 3000) up to 90-110 min (XR3 5000)
  • Power consumption is on 22-34 kWh/ month
  • RoboConnect
  • 3 year warranty
  • Amazon Alexa Sync

The Ultimate Service Package

Robot Mower
XR2 1000XR3 3000XR3 5000
Size (Acres)1/4 acre1/2 acre1 acre
Down Payment$500.00$600.00$750.00
Leasing Term3 year term3 year term3 year term
Monthly Payments $78.99/month$99.99/month$124.99/month


Installation, Robot Mower, Charging Station, Perimeter fencing, Fasteners, Winter Storage, Winter Maintenance, Service Calls, Monitoring, Spring Set up, Fall take down, 3 blade changes (yearly)

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