Robot Mowers are you Ready?

Are you ready for a change?

Robot mowers have been on the market for quite some time in Europe. They are very common and there are so many different types available. After a lot of research and personal experiences with Robomow in the Netherlands I was thrilled when MTD Products LTD announced they had bought Robomow and are launching it to the Canadian market under Cub Cadet.

Whispering Pines has now become a robot mower dealer for Cub Cadet and we are launching a new division to our growing company. We are proud to offer our sales and robot mowing services as of spring 2018.

Why Cub Cadet Robot Mowers (Formerly Robomow)?

There are a number of reasons I fell in love with robot mowers and Cub Cadet’s mowers in particular. There are a lot of great brands out there but for our Canadian applications they check so many boxes. On the Cub Cadet website you will see the smallest model they make. We will offer this product as well, but find that offering larger robot mowers suits our needs best. The Cub Cadet XR2, XR3 3000, XR3 4000, and XR3 5000, will be available at Whispering Pines and can service areas up to 5000 sq ft.

  • Mowers can cut on a slope up to 36% or 20 degrees
  • Contain: Bump sensors, lift sensors, tilt sensors, PIN code, Alarm, rain sensors, LED- Display, Charging station, Robohome, Robogrips, Bluetooth, Remote control, Smartphone APP, Edge Cutting, Smart Mow, GSM- Modul, Turbo mow, Wheels.
  • Cutting width 56 cm and a cutting height of 20-80 mm
  • Multiple mowing zones, 4 sub zones
  • 2 sturdy blades
  • Running time is 55-70 minutes
  • Charge time is 50-70 min (XR3 3000) up to 90-120 min (XR3 5000)
  • Power consumption is on 22-34 kWh/ month (equal to roughly $4.50 to $6.80 a month)
  • GSM available 2019

Let’s go GREEN

At WPL we consider ourselves care takers of the landscape and that gives us the moral responsibility to do what we can to better that environment. This is one of our many initiatives this year. Along with using many different battery operated equipment, this is the next step to significantly reducing our emissions on the job site. Just a little fun fact for you. Did you know that 1 gasoline powered push mower running for 1 hour emits as much as 11 cars running for an hour? We see a huge opportunity with these robotic mowers to reduce our carbon foot print and do what we can to protect the environment.

I’m in, so whats next?

We are in the final stages of finalizing our process and pricing. You can call TODAY to be on the call back list. Give us a week and everything will be ready to share! We are selling out fast and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Check out our latest media future as we are celebrating 25 years of service this April!


~ Leah Brakke, Marketing Director

PS. Simply- we are looking forward to selling Cub Cadet Robot Mowers and offering a service package for installation and maintenance. Stay tuned!