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Salt Shortage 2018

A salt shortage is something we have never dealt with before.

The Summer of 2018 was a stressful one. We learned that one of the two salt mines in the area went on strike and the other experienced flooding. We were not sure if we were going to be able to get any salt. The mines promised to fill their contractual obligations to the municipalities, cities, and government cleared properties such as airports.

The shortage left many contractors, like us, concerned about how we were going to look after our clients. With legal obligations to the safety of our clients parking lots, driveways and roadways we had to think fast. Our team called everyone we knew in the industry, and we were able to get our hands on some salt.  On the condition that we stored it at our location.

snow ready
Salt Shortage 2018

Storing almost 500 tons of salt does present some new challenges, as we are quickly outgrowing out yard. Thanks to our yard/ equipment manager we freed up 3 large storage bins for our “white gold”.

Smart Salting

Since salt is in such small supply it is essential that our staff adhere to our Smart About Salt policies. Our truck salters’ are calibrated to ensure that the precise amount of salt will be applied. If you want to learn more about Smart About Salt please read our blog post Smart About Salt.

Living in Ontario we are surrounded by the Great Lakes and the hundreds of rivers that feed into them. We are proud that we can offer smart salting to our clients and do our part in managing our environmental impact on our amazing waterways.

As a result,  you can be proud that your local contractor is working hard to ensure your safety as well as your environment’s.

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