Smart About Salt

Smart About Salt.

As we approached winter this year, we made it our mission to do our part in protecting the environment. Teaming up with Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)- Smart about Salt- was a very logical decision in furthering our mission.

How Smart About Salt Changed our Process

SIMA is about accountability. We know exactly how much salt is being applied at each location . Each driver is trained on how to apply the salt and each of our truck salt boxes are calibrated for appropriate application. We use a time tracking app on our field staff’s phones so we know when they were at your location and for exactly how long. The temperature of the surface pavement is recorded as well as the amount of salt used on your location. All of this data is very important for you and for our company.

What does Smart about Salt mean to you?

  • That we are doing everything we can to protect freshwater from winter salt.
  • Our equipment is calibrated to ensure accurate and even application
  • That we know exactly what your property requires, and apply salt to meet- not exceed your needs.


Simply, because we care about the environment. As beautifiers of the landscape we feel responsible to protect it in every way possible. Teaming up with SIMA-Snow and Ice Management Association is just another way you can trust Whispering Pines Landscaping is doing everything we can to preserve the beauty of your landscape for the future generations, while providing the best possible service.

SIMA snow ice management