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Start Planning your Landscape Project Now!

Winter has just started but it is time to start planning your summer landscape project now! We understand it’s the last thing you are thinking about but trust me, us landscapers are in full swing.

People are often surprised at how long of a planning process a landscape design can take. I have laid out a brief overview of our process to give you a little bit of the behind the scene’s. This may help you understand why winter is a great time to think landscaping.

3-D Landscape Rendering
WPL landscape design in 3-D

Initial call in

The initial call in is when you reach out to us, it could be via phone, email, or our website project form. With this call we take down your information and share it with the right sales person for the scope of work.

Initial Consultation

The sales member reaches out and sets up our initial consultation meeting (fee’s associated). In this meeting you review the scope of work, talk about challenges with the landscape, necessary permits for conservation and bylaws, the history to the property (might effect our project), design styles, colours, timeline, and budget expectations. This meeting is typically 2 week after the initial call in.

Site Mapping

Our sales member will take video/ voice recordings and drone photos after the initial consultation while they are on site. This is for our estimators and designers so they understand the layout, grade’s and potential challenges.

Design Process

The designers receive this information and begin the design process. This can take a few weeks. Communication throughout the design process may involve the client, especially for some plant material and stone selection.

Estimating Phase

Once the design is complete, the estimator/sales member sit down and begin creating the estimate in our Landscape Management software. A second pair of eyes will review the project to ensure no line item is missing.


A meeting is set up between the client and their sales member to begin reviewing every aspect of the project. A thorough review of the estimate is completed with the client to ensure all aspects of the job are captured and agreed upon. All adjustments  can be made at this stage, including removing some portions if necessary.

Contract Approval

After reviewing the contract the client  has 30 days to sign back on the presented estimate. Once they sign back the materials are ordered, especially products that take time to arrive. Project timeline are communicated with the client by the sales team and project managers. While we do our best to avoid any delays to the estimated start date. There are some factors that are out of our control such as the weather. We find communication is key and will do everything in our power to keep our projects on track.

Build it!

Check out our blog post for hiring the right contractors.

Post written by : Leah Brakke
Leah is our resident blogger with over 8 years experience in the landscaping industry. She loves to share her knowledge and passion on Whispering Pines’ blog. If you have any questions or topic idea’s you can email her at

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