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Trending Plants 2018

I love to predict the trending plants. With all the information in the world at your finger tips, it’s like a puzzle putting all the pieces together. I had so much fun writing this post and finding some super unique plants to share with you.

You may recognize some of these and even tell me that they are so old school. They may be old, but with new applications in the landscape design, they look completely new!

Trending Plants List
  1. Yucca Filamentosa. This plant has been used in the landscape for a long time.  The reason I think it is trending is its clean lines, neutral colours and unique leaf shape. Imagine adding this plant to your contemporary garden in a row or in a raised planter. All I can say is wow!
    I do recommend over wintering Yuccas in a location where they wont freeze. Since they are in a raised planter they wont survive a cold Canadian winter.
    trending plants 2018 yuccas in a planterSource:
  2. Stonecrop Sedum Groundcover.  Have you seen sedum sitting on a wall in a mat or used instead of a lawn around your house? Being so versatile, drought tolerant and full of colour, they make a great substitute. Groundcover Sedum is so low growing that you don’t damage it when you walk on it. We work with Sedum Master and they deliver it to us in rolls, just like sod. As you roll it out, it has that instant effect and looks amazing! stonecrop sedum ground cover trending plants 2018
  3. Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa macra).
    It is so hard to find shade loving plants that I like, and when I stumbled accross this shade loving grass, I knew I was in love. Hakonechloa comes in solid green, variegated and yellow. The plant is neat and ‘flops’ over in one direction giving it a unique effect.
    trending plants 2018 japanese forest grass
  4. Ornamental Pear (Pyrus)
    Creating living barriers is very popular in Europe. I was living in the Netherlands a few years ago and I was working for a landscaping company over there. We installed a bunch of these ornamental Pears that were grown in the nurseries in a linear shape. The growers had trained the branches (by pruning) to only grow laterally on the left and right side of the tree. The official name for this kind of plant pruning is ‘espalier’. We then plant them in a row and add in wire lines so that the tree continues to grow in that shape. With some simple pruning this is super easy to maintain and creates an incredibly interesting barrier. I find that we are constantly looking to increase privacy now that 2/3 of people live in the city. It is a great way to add natural colour back into your yard while checking the privacy box. This photo shows what it looks like just planted, give it time and it will fill in nicely. I do find that in our specific area we haven’t been very successful with growing them. It can be done  if you have a sheltered and protected back yard.
    trending plants espalier pears
  5. Lavender (Lavandula)
    This age old plant is coming back in a fresh, new light. We have constant visual over load with technology and social media at our finger tips 24/7. Lavender has such soft and soothing colour in the flowers and in the greenery. It also has the ability to calm your mood through its smell and oils, having lavender in your back yard is a great way to add that subtle colour, give the honey bees pollen and help you unwind after a long day.
    lavender trending plants 2018
  6. Dwarf Lupins
    While in Europe I fell in love with the beautiful displays of Lupins along the front of beech hedges. The dwarf version of Lupins are so vibrant and low growing. I find the tall varieties require some staking or they will flop. If you are a looking for a fun pop of colour and unique foliage, put some Lupins in your garden displays.
    trending plants 2018 dwarf lupins
  7. Vegetables and Lettuce
    Edible art, why not? I love growing my own vegetables and lettuce; garden fresh is best. Somewhere a long the way someone can up with the idea of putting a mixture of lettuce seeds in a big planter bowl and let it grow. Now you can find these at the grocery store already planted and ready to be taken home. I can promise you that it is cheaper to make your own and a lot more fun! Just grab a planter, a few lettuce seed packages and some fresh soil. It is a beautiful and vibrant display that can make its way to your kitchen table.
    trending plants 2017 lettuce planters
  8. Japanese Maple
    There is something so delicate and soothing about this particular maple tree. It has so many varieties and some have such fine foliage it looks so soft. In Orangeville we need a very hardy variety and we find ‘Bloodgood’ can withstand our Canadian winters as well as the green variety of ‘Threadleaf’.
    Trending plants 2017 Japanese maple
  9. Standard Willow
    The word whimsical comes to mind whenever I see these free, wispy, and unique standards. They look amazing in a relaxed and natural garden. Letting them grow wispy brings out the pink tips and adds that pretty colour.
    Standard willow trending plants 2018
    Have this new trending plants list available to you will help you design and update your garden this fall and next spring! Check out my other blog post “How to Design a Simple Garden in 5 Steps” .
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