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Winter Prep for your Lawn Mower

Winter prep for your lawn mower is important this time of year. It signifies the end of the lovely summer season and welcomes the festive winter season.

It is important to do a proper shut down of your lawn equipment in the fall so that when Spring arrives you are ready to go!

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Fuel Preparation

Fuel is an important part of the winter shut down. There is two options to get your lawn mower ready for the cold. Option one being, you can run your machine empty so that the lines don’t freeze over winter. Once spring comes around you can simply put gas in and begin mowing.

There is also fuel stabilizer which you you can add to a full take of fuel. It is best to run it through the lines a bit so it is all throughout the carburetor.

Battery Shut Down

Disconnecting the battery isn’t thought of often but it is highly recommend. If possible, disconnect the battery and remove. Store it in a location that is dry and won’t freeze. This will help with the life of the battery and make spring start up very easy.

Cleaning Your Mower

Take the time to brush down your lawn mower. Remove any grass build up under the deck and brush off any leaves from the fall. I would also suggest taking your blades to get sharpened (or do it yourself) so that you are ready for a fresh cut when spring arrives.


Take the time to prepare your equipment it is beneficial in the long run. Store your machine in the garage or garden shed to keep it safe from the elements. If you are interested in learning more about our Robotic lawn care systems check out our new page. Now that your mower is all clean, why not sell it and become green!

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